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BLACK PARROT carries a large array of women's wear designs as well as home goods, accessories, books, gifts, stationary and toiletries. Stop by to see all we have to offer!

Anna Kaszer grew up within a creative fashion family. Inspired by her father’s work in fashion, she spent her early life traveling with him to India where his collections where created by a small family run weaving mill. Having built close working ties and friendships in India, Anna has kept the family tradition to produce her collection in India as well. Anna Kaszer draws up all her patterns and designs by hand. She collaborates closely with her team in India to create the precise color, and print the design details of her timeless and electrifying pieces. 

AVN is a capsule collection by Manuela Arcari of Hache and her son, Gianfilippo Gherardi. AVN looks closely at current streetwear trends from around the world and translates them into complete looks. 

Aymara is the result of the love story between a Belgian engineer, Sven Van Gucht, who met Yannina Esquivias, a young Peruvian travel agent. In 2007, the knitwear label Aymara was born. The name Aymara refers to a native ethnic group in the Andes of South America. The magic of Aymara lies in the combination of Belgian design and Peru’s extraordinary fibers and textile craftmenship. Aymara’s knitwear is produced in our own knitting factory in Arequipa, in the south of Peru.

Burstenhaus Redecker was established in Germany in 1935 by Friedrich Redecker who, after becoming blind at the age of four, mastered the artisan craft of brush making. Today, the Burstenhaus Redecker company remains family owned and stands for the successful combination of design, functionality and use of beautiful, sustainable wood and natural, ethically sourced fibers. This is supported by Redecker's very own mix of inventor’s mentality and solid craftsmanship.

Catherine Andre established her design house In 1995. Based on creativity and quality, her collections charm the viewer with their timeless lines and unique Catherine André jacquards. A true craft enhanced by the detailed choices of color, fabric and volume, blending mastery and emotion at the same time.

Coclico French for poppy flower was founded in 2000 by Sandra Canselier, a French expatriate living in New York. A native of Brittany, France, Canselier's family has been making shoes for three generations, a background that led Canselier to start her own line and open a boutique in Nolita. Crafted in Spain using sustainable practices, including using vegetable-based dyes, local suppliers, and recycled shoe boxes. Coclico shoes pair style with comfort for a beautiful, guilt-free aesthetic.

Collection PRIVEE? was founded in 1988 by the Bizzi family. What began as shoes and accessories blossomed into a men's and women's line known for their deconstruction and reinterpretation of classic designs.

European Culture is a contemporary Italian label first established in 1999. Its specializes in the use of the high-quality clothing-dyeing process, which means that European Culture clothing is cut-and-sewn then bathed in tanks of dye to provide a rich, multi-faceted color that ages gracefully. The collections take their inspiration from modern European culture and cosmopolitan lifestyles, with active sportswear, formalwear and tailoring to suit all occasions. Impeccably crafted by experts in Italy, European Culture clothing is a cut above the rest.

Esby Apparel is designed in Austin and produced in New Orleans, Esby Apparel maintains a timeless season-to-season day to night wearability. Womenswear inspired by the comfort of menswear. Esby is part of the slow fashion movement, which has an emphasis on quality over large production quantity, sustainable practices and a made in USA heart and soul.

Etnia Barcelona is what happens when you combine a young group with a passion for design and a yearning to create an eyewear collection that reflects their fashion forward spirit, a personal style, and above all, an individual expression. They find their vision in "etnia," a brand that represents characters of international style, daring and imagination.

Gidigio was founded in 1996 by Giorgio D'Alessandro. His focus was driven by innovation in the shoe industry and forefront styles. D'Alessandro is still a driving force in the design and production of the label and it's Made in Italy sensibility. 

HACHE founded by Manuela Arcari, the Hache brand takes inspiration from cultures all over the world to create a harmonious blend of contemporary design and eclectic, versatile style. The unique, Italian label was launched in 1990 to instant success, and now appeals to diverse women with intelligent and feminine yet rugged silhouettes.

Hansel from Basel Los Angeles-based artist-turned-designer Hannah Byun created Hansel from Basel in 2007 as a way to apply a sense of much-needed zest to everyday legwear. Originally inspired by Hannah’s childhood nickname (“Hansel”) and her fascination with Switzerland (therefore “from Basel”), the collection is forever and always finding inspiration in every nook and cranny of life, from the mundane to the magical. 

Hasami tableware is made from a mixture of clay minerals. The clay creates an earthy and coarse, primitive texture. Each piece is created in a modular function so that they are conveniently stackable. Inspiration for their stacking mechanism comes from tiered boxes used in Japanese cuisine, now repurposed for modern living. Hasami Porcelain pieces are hand-made in Hasami, Nagasaki, where ceramics have been the main craft industry for the past 400 years.

Hestra Founded in 1936 by Martin Magnusson and now being run by the 3rd and 4th generation of Margnussons. Design and development is done at the headquarters in the town of Hestra, Sweden. Where the use of highest quality materials go into creating an exceptional product.

HUMANOID From its origin in the 80s HUMANOID has always chosen its own course. True to the new wave and punk era in which it started. "HUMANOID just happened". There is a firm conviction in advance. The rock-solid belief that with only the best materials and attention to detail, the best collections can be made that pass from season to season. HUMANOID is independent, strong and uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend.

Kowtow Founded in 2007 by Gosia Piatek, Kowtow is a conscious label with a strong design philosophy and innate sense of comfort. Described as minimalist and effortless, the Kowtow aesthetic is inspired by Gosia’s interests in art, architecture, culture, craftsmanship, landscapes and her own travels. The collections are entirely made with sustainably and ethically sourced materials.

Lauren Manoogian’s line began as a series of wearable material experiments. After a few serendipitous encounters wearing these pieces, she began selling at select boutiques who fully embraced the bold yet humble designs. The brand has now expanded to include knits, which are made in Peru in collaboration with local knitters.

LUMI is the brainchild of the Finnish-French designer duo Sanna Kantola and Bruno Beaugrand. After founding the company in New York City in 2000, it has quickly grown into a successful global handbag brand, being now sold in over 25 countries worldwide. LUMI represents a unique proposition in the world of leather goods, combining directional, yet unpretentious design aesthetics with industry leading sustainable production methods where 60 percent of the products are using vegetable-tanned leather (compared to an industry standard of 10 percent). Their will and determination of making LUMI a global success story is also reflected in the powerful slogan of the brand, LUMI – The Only Bags You’ll Ever Need. 

Majestic Filatures since 1989 Majestic Filatures has provided excellence in the deluxe basics market. Designed and manufactured in Europe, Majestic uses high quality materials, pre-washes and quality tests all of its garments before bringing them to production. 

Maryam Nassir Zadeh's collection is based on her life as a mother and career person, and draws from her international perspective as an Iranian-born, American-raised woman with family in India and Mexico, and a love of world travel. The origin of her vision when designing is the profound connectivity of it all. The shoe collection offers a variety of timeless, evocative silhouettes in a vibrant and sophisticated color assortment.

Matthildur Soft and sensual Peruvian fabrics meet the fresh and flowing style of Iceland. Matthildur Halldorsdottir feels that the boundaries between clothing and the body are becoming increasingly blurred. Silk, Linen, Royal alpaca and Pima cotton from her adopted home of Perú always feel comfortable. Their delightful and intricate texture creates clothes that are easy to move around in. Clothes for passionate and active women who live in the moment.   

Mimbres Valley Charles Galatis began Mimbres Valley in 2009, after being inspired by a long-delayed return visit to N. India. Charles founded Mimbres with the aim of only producing work that is handcrafted and of a very high Caliber. Mimbres Valley is intrigued by sustainable materials, such as natural plant-based dyes, organic cotton, flax, nettle and wild silk. In addition to presenting traditional hand-woven and block-printed textiles, Mimbres is inspired by expanding the potential of various dyeing techniques such as Bandhani, Shibori, clamp and dip dying.

MM6 Belgium native Martin Margiela has firmly established a legend in the fashion industry. Though he no longer helms the house, his iconic name lives on and now boasts popular diffusion line MM6. Offering up a complementary vision of the femininity of the main fashion house, MM6 champions a relaxed aesthetic and has been championing easy-to-wear staples steeped in graphic prints and innovative fabrics since its inception. MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela heels are the epitome of directional femininity. Vertiginous sandals, wedges, moccasins and boots are crafted from lavish materials for a premium injection of luxury style all-year round.

Monsoon During childhood visits to India, the discovery of beautiful handwoven silk and cotton saris in my grandmother’s closet sparked a lifelong fascination in handlooms and the art of weaving. The saris came from different regions in India and each had a distinctive style and weave that under my grandmother's tutelage I soon learned to identify.  Some regions favor brilliant color and dazzling gold thread in the weave.  Other regions are known for their emphasis on texture - weaving wild silks and fine cotton muslins. For centuries, the art of dyeing and weaving the vibrant silk or cotton yarns into fabric was passed from generation to generation. The designs continue to be breathtaking and varied - all without the benefit of design schools or the aid of computers. This passion for Indian weaves inspired me to create a collection of scarves.  We visit the artisans to collaborate and translate their knowledge and skill to share with a larger audience. Monsoon Textiles products are designed with a modern aesthetic but are rooted in traditional craft. Our goal is to keep alive a heritage art that can survive beyond the modern age.

Obakki Treana Peake founded Obakki in 2005. Based in Vancouver, the luxury label is an extension of Peake, an avid traveler and leading humanitarian. From cross-country road trips to the cattle camps of South Sudan, her diverse inspirations lead Peake to create special and versatile pieces that connect customers to a real story.

Paraboot was first established in 1908 in Izeaux, a small village at the foot of the Alps, Paraboot is a luxury French brand with more than 100 years' experience creating handcrafted footwear. The family-run label has remained committed to old-world techniques, Goodyear welts and only the finest hand-cut leathers, resulting in a truly exceptional collection of men's Paraboot shoes. Today, the men's Paraboot shoes collection features everything from elegant full grain leather Monk shoes to hardy walking boots and simple brogues. Timeless yet relevant to the modern wardrobe, these pieces are as stylish and sophisticated as they are luxurious.

Pas De Calais is a Japanese based line by Yukari Suda formed in 1998. Named for the coast of northern France and the regions lacemaking tradition. Designed with handcrafted linen, cotton and silks in neutral tones using traditional and advanced dying techniques on their original textiles. Pas de Calais exudes a Japanese design esthetic with French elegance.

Priory is a consideration of comfort, quality and functionality. Designed by Canadian designers, Eunice Q, and Armin T, they primarily source textiles through their travels and work with local businesses to develop and produce each collection.

Rodebjer was founded in New York in 1999 by native Swede Carin Rodebjer. After she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs, she started selling her fashion to friends and stores in New York and in Stockholm. Since then, Rodebjer, has grown steadily and is now available in our own two stores in Stockholm and in our webshop. The collections can also be found in the best department and key stores throughout Sweden and with selected retailers in over 20 countries. Our quest is to enhance personalities yet simplify everyday clothing decisions through relevant, timeless and versatile fashion that meet the many needs of the modern woman.

Rujuta Sheth lives and works in New York City.  She travels often, and draws inspiration from the cultures and landscapes she experiences.  Born in India, she grew up surrounded by artisans, weavers, beaders, and embroiderers.  When she launched her namesake line in 2014, she naturally returned to these villages to tap into the creativity and craftsmanship she knew so well. 

Samuji In Helsinki, Finland, Samuji opperates as a creative studio and design house. Launched in 2011, Samuji works with materials from Europe and Japan that are manufactured in Europe. Samuji offers a Classic and Seasonal line, both of which pay large attention to quality and minimalist design but the Seasonal design focuses more closely on bohemian and colorful design while the Classics stand to be timeless.

Tzuri Gueta, a graduate of Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, is a designer and textile engineer who has been based in Paris since 1996. Growing up on the shores of the Mediterranean, he was in direct contact with the elements of nature, and his work reflects his roots. In his quest for textile materials, Gueta came upon silicone, and it soon became his signature material. This polymer, composed mostly of silica, possesses extraordinary properties of solidity and flexibility. By combining silicone with openwork textile materials, Gueta invented a technique of blowing silicone into lace. The technique was patented in 2005.

Virginia Bizzi, as a daughter of a designer, has grown up in very close contact with fashion, breathing and assimilating its contents. She debuts with a fall/winter 14 capsule collection entirely made of leather. Opposites, contrasts and mixes intertwine among them through new experimental paths creating unique must-haves.

Wrk-Shp is a design studio based in Los Angeles run by an architect, Ryan Upton, and architect-turned-clothing designer, Airi Isoda. Their interests range from tiny mundane objects to large scale buildings and everything in between. Their clothing line is designed using textiles from Japan and produced in California. Their furniture designs and home products are made by local, highly-skilled crafts-people all made proudly in The USA.

Yoshi Kondo started his own label in 1993, after spending many years working under the Issey Miyake brand in Japan. Yoshi Kondo now designs out of Paris with a focus on minimalistic design.