Sigikid Beasts Town Sheep: Hairy Queeny

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sigikid was founded in Germany in 1968, backed by the belief that you're never too old to cuddle and play. In today's world, many of our daily interactions are quick-paced and short-lived. We often tend to forget one of the most important human attributes: the ability to play. At sigikid, we put all our focus on playing. Our products are designed to make children happier. To achieve this, we use the most wholesome and important ingredients available: Quality and Love!

Queeny is the ultimate collectible sheep! Apart from her hyper-realistic fur, everybody adores her stunned facial expression and chubby cheeks, her long soft ears and extra-cute split hoofs.

She makes the perfect gift for any fan of the wooly breed, but especially for anybody who loves to touch, groom, giggle. Beware though: while Queeny can be washed on a cold cycle, do NOT put this sheep in the dryer!

This is Hairy Queeny's story as written on her tag: 

"She’s back! After her last action film “Sheepmator 7” became a blockbuster she took a creative break and disappeared into the underground. But now she’s back – with a new outfit, style and of course her rewashed hairdo by star stylist “Brave Hair”."

 Height: 11.4"

 Age: 12+ Years

 Material: Plush. Wadding: Polyester

 Care: Machine wash in cold cycle

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