Échappées Belles Chemise Dadi Top

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Échappées Belles is a unique women´s ready to wear designer collection. The pieces, made of creative and high quality fabrics, are at a favorable price which allows EB to stand out. With our successful partnership between the French designer Marie Odile Ribalet, based in Brittany, France, who has been creating Échappées Belles since 2000 joined with Angelika Souhami who has 40 years of experience in fashion Échappées Belles is for the women who strives to be strikingly effortless.

A structured off white top with light gray polka dots, boat neck, and 3/4 sleeve. Hand wash.

100% cotton. Made in Romania.

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1 is equivalent to a US small, 2 is a US medium, 3 is a US large

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