Naguisa Jonca Sandals

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Naguisa is a Barcelona based shoe brand, beside the Mediterranean Sea. Naguisa came to life from traditional espadrilles; highly comfortable jute-sole shoes, with the desire of launching them to a wider public. Naguisa symbolizes timeless, natural designs, quality and comfort. Maintaining the essence of traditionally handcrafted work, each pair is made in Spain and sewed meticulously by hand.

Leather cage sandals with an adjustable strap for the perfect fit. The lining and insole are made of natural leather to allow your feet to breathe better. Normal fit. A model designed for all types of feet.

So that you can enjoy your Naguisa shoes for a long time, we recommend:

1. The soles of your Naguisa shoes are made from jute, please keep the soles of your Naguisa shoes dry.

2. To clean the upper, the lining and the insole, use a damp cloth.

3. To improve the aging, we recommend applying some type of nourishing colourless wax or shoe polish.

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